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Recycling is Complicated

The title links to an article that tells about the complications, difficulties, and limits to recycling plastic. I hope it will encourage you to think about heavily supplementing recycling with REDUCING. ~Fran

"Trash can-dweller Oscar the Grouch is no longer alone in his choice of digs. A Berkeley, California man has erected a one-person house in a dumpster, of all places… Gregory Kloehn is elevating the dumpster-centric movement to new levels with his dumpster house, complete with amenities that rival some luxury condos."

GOOD Magazine. Full article here.

"A digital dumping ground lies inside most computers, a wasteland where old, rarely used and unneeded files pile up. Such data can deplete precious storage space, bog down the system’s efficiency and sap its energy…
Johns Hopkins University computer scientists Ragib Hasan and Randal Burns have suggested familiar “green” solutions to the digital waste data problems: reduce, reuse, recycle, recover and dispose.
“In everyday life, ‘waste’ is something we don’t need or don’t want or can’t use anymore, so we look for ways to re-use it, recycle it or get rid of it,” said Hasan, an adjunct assistant professor of computer science. “We decided to apply the same concepts to the waste data that builds up inside of our computers and storage devices.”"

Johns Hopkins University. Full article here.


Hello all and welcome to our blog! 

Sustainable Life is William Jewell College’s student sustainability organization.  We seek to bring awareness about environmental and social justice issues through activism and education on campus and in the wider local and global community.  We hope that this page can be an outlet for these initiatives, creating a space for concerned students to share, discuss and reflect on the serious issues which face our planet today.

Please feel free to post any and all relevant and thought provoking articles, pictures, videos, or your own original writings or other works.  What’s an issue that concerns you?  What’s an action that you would like to see your fellow students take? Is there an image or  quote that you find inspiring or entertaining? Share it with us!